(Sung to the melody of “Where Have All the Flowers Gone)

When SCCA instituted IT classes (improved touring) which came out of SS classes (showroom stock). The SS cars were limited to four years of eligibility only, after which they were useless to racing. The numbers of cars in the SS classes was dwindling quickly. The loss of all these tough, competitive cars, and drivers caused the club to lose members.

A few years passed , and as I recall, in the early 80’s, SCCA came up with the IT classes which took those great cars out of mothballs and started the racing once again. It also brought fresh blood to club and membership and fields of cars flourished. With four IT classes of competition, there were about twenty-plus cars in each class in each race, and sometimes the field was up to 100! Besides its being highly competitive class, it brought REAL racing to a more affordable level. Example: tires lasted 3 or 4 races and engines would last season. There simply was no more inexpensive way to race. The required street tires and limited modifications actually resulted in better affordability and more competitive racing. All the endurance events include IT classes even to today, guaranteeing a large field and successful weekend of racing!

Over six years, there was a favorite race “The Longest Night” held by the Florida Region SCCA at the old Moroso track (now the PBIR track) that lasted 24 hours from the afternoon of December 31st to the afternoon of and a bunch of people showed up to help the crews and to work the track. We also ran several 12 hour races where only IT classes raced. Currently, other classes (on street tires) are driving enduros.

How can we fill the field again and get the drivers in the club and folks in the stands?

Bob Lee
Publicity Director
Florida Region SCCA