Torque Update – William P. “Bud” Merrill

bud-merrillIN MEMORY OF:


William P. “Bud” Merrill, 80 of Delray Beach, FL passed away quietly with his family by his side on Sunday January 25, 2015.  Bud served as an Officer in the United States Army in World War 2. Bud had served with the Palm Beach County Sheriffs and the Delray Beach Police as well as in the agricultural industry for 40 years in the Delray Beach area.

Bud also worked in the competitive auto sports area for more than 40 years with organizations such as SCCA, VDCA, BMW and many other clubs as an organizer and steward.


Bud was pre deceased by his wife Pat by almost 15 years.  He is survived by his 6 sons, Bob, Harry, Bradley, Michael, Gary, and Mark; and a daughter Lori Anne Merrill Calvin; and 15 grandchildren. Funeral arrangements will be forthcoming.


My Remembrances of Bud Merrill:

I received a call this morning that I had been expecting, but I was not ready to be told that my friend and mentor, Bud Merrill had passed away.  I had spent a couple of hours by his side last night, I had seen that he was ready, but I was not ready to hear the news.  For those of you who didn’t know, Bud had been having health problem for at least a year before he saw his final checkered flag.


Bud has been a Steward for many organizations over the years, SCCA, VDCA, SVRA, HSR, BMWCCA, PCA and probably more clubs along the way.  Bud was always devoted to Florida Region.  Bud always was and always will be a Steward’s, Steward, and will never be replaced. Bud had served in almost every position in Florida Region, from Regional Executive to his current post as Parliamentarian.


He has worked as Executive Steward and is currently our Deputy Executive Steward.  He has told many times that he did not want titles, just the ability to help the region. Bud has also won almost every award that Florida Region and Southeast Division has to offer.


I first met Bud in the mid 60’s at the original PBIR.  He was part of the group that kept the races going back then.  I was a corner worker at the time and really did not want to talk to a Steward.  I worked many races and Bud was always there for Florida Region.


In the early 70’s I stopped working events and ran rallies.  When I returned to the race track in the mid 80’s, Bud was there.  He and I spent many hours under the “Tin shed” at Moroso.  I learned quite a bit listening to Bud and how he would run an event.  The first thing he taught me was to not take myself too seriously, listen to what was being said and try to reach a fair decision that was good for all parties.


I resisted joining the SCCA Stewards program for almost 10 years, until Bud talked me into joining.  He told me that the program was changing and that he thought that I thought a lot like he did, and that we could make a change in the way “it had always been done”.  I know that I will never be “Bud”, but I sincerely hope that I can live up to his expectations.


Bob Ricker


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