SCCA Bracket Enduros: Another Low-Buck Enduro Venue?

SCCA Bracket Enduros: Another Low-Buck Enduro Venue?
Grassroots Motorsports
June 2015 issue

It’s like bracket racing moved from the drag strip to the road course. Or you can call it SCCA’s way of wooing racers who seek a simplified classing structure. Either way welcome to Bracket Enduro, an SCCA program set to launch this summer.

“The goal is to create an endurance program that is budget-friendly, allows wide range of cars, and has a rule set that is enforceable,“ explains Heyward Wagner, the SCCA’s director of Experimental Programs. “One class is unlimited: whoever goes the farthest the tastes wins. The other three have target lap times, where the goal is to be consistent, reliable, and error-free. Target times will be consistent with ITS, ITB and a couple of seconds off of ITC.” In other words, your low-buck endurance car may have another place to play.

Traditional race rules too restrictive and confusing? The SCCA’s new Bracket Endure rules should welcome cars of all types and budget.