Memories of Paul Newman

There are many of us in the S.C.C.A. who have memories of Paul Newman not as an actor but as a fellow competitor.

I realized early on that the “PL Newman” listed as winning S.C.C.A. events racing a Datsun 510 in the Northeast was actually Paul Newman, but the first time we ever turned a wheel against each other was at Palm Beach International Raceway duringWinter Nationals. Paul was a frequent visitor to our Winter Nationals, when the weather in the Northeast was too bad to race in, and we competed against each other in the same group in my AMX in A.S.R. and him in his 510 in B Sedan.

I was also drag racing my four-speed Camaro at the drag strip, and Paul came over to try out his clutch as he was having problems with it. Some how, I got to talking to him about drag racing and how drag racing worked, as he didn’t have a clue. I explained how the Christmas Tree worked and how to stage and make a run, which he subsequently did.

I always regretted not taking him for a run in the Camaro, so he could see how it actually worked! I suppose with the shifts and going through the gears. What a story that would have been to tell! I think he would’ve enjoyed that ride.

From one racer to another.

Bob Lee