May 16-17 Races PBIR – Dbl SARRC/FES/Miata Madness!




Reminder from Mike Finn, Racing Director of Florida Region SCCA:
“It is now time to register on for the May races at Palm Beach International Raceway.”

Miata Madne$$ PAYOUTS

1st place – $1,000               6th place – $150
2nd place – $500                 7th place – $125
3rd place – $400                 8th place – $100
4th place – $300                 9th place – $75
5th place – $200                 10th place – $75

Remember your credentials, your car (with current seat belts), your crew, your family and friends. Invite a bunch, they are always welcome! Pack a cooler with food and drinks, don’t forget your sunscreen, too. If you do not have PayPal and would like to pay by check, please fill out your entry online and bring your check or cash to registration.
Credit cards cannot be processed at the track.
If you prefer to fill out your entry and bring it to registration, a copy is attached.

If you have any photos or articles you would like to submit for the Torque or for posting on the website, please let me know.
Deb Burk, Publications Director
See you there!