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It’s easy to get involved in competition motorsports, whether you want to drive fast, race the clock, get your hands dirty in the pits, stand next to the track with a big yellow flag in your hand, or sit in the control tower.  Just the words conjure up images, sounds and smells, the very purpose behind the origination of the Sports Car Club of America and its Club Racing program.

Every sport needs fresh participants and perspective. The Florida Region is no different and normally holds a Drivers School each year where those with a fascination for getting on the inside of the sport can learn from some of the best drivers and instructors in the business. It’s easy to get started on a SCCA Racing license. Just fill out a Florida Region SCCA Membership Application, apply for a Novice permit, get your physical and attend an accredited Drivers School; or, more simply, follow the SCCA Racing Guide or click here for an easy to follow guideline.

Come on down!! Get some sand in your shoes!! We’d love to have you join us as a driver, race official, worker or spectator.