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Board Of Directors

    Regional Executive
    John Zuccarelli
    C: 561.262.3321
    H: 561.262.3321
    O1: 561.748.8883
    O2: 561.743.0616
    No calls after 11:00pm
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        Asst Regional Executive
        Lori Vitagliano
        H: 561.654.3396
        No calls after 9:00pm
        Email Lori Vitagliano

            Pat Ricker
            P: 954.782.2829
            No calls after 10:00pm
            Email Pat Ricker

                Bob Van Epps
                P: 954.741.0990
                No calls after 9pm
                Email Bob Van Epps

                    Competition Executive
                    Mike Finn
                    O: 954.627.9253
                    No calls after 9:00pm
                    Email Mike Finn

                        Director At Large
                        Jeff Lindeman
                        P: 954.295.2020
                        Email Jeff Lindeman

                            Director At Large
                            Bruce H. Grout
                            P: 561.632.9756
                            Email Bruce Grout

                                Area 3 Deputy Executive
                                Steward of Scheduling

                                Bob Ricker
                                P: 954.647.9194
                                Email Bob Ricker

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                                  Chiefs of Specialty

                                  Chief Registrar
                                  Lori Vitagliano
                                  P: 561.654.3396
                                  Email Lori Vitagliano

                                  Chief Scrutineer
                                  Tim Lee
                                  P: 954.491.0719
                                  Email Tim Lee

                                  Chief of Timing and Scoring
                                  – accepting applicants –

                                  Chief of F & C
                                  Scott Farrell
                                  P: 954.868.3297
                                  Email Scott Farrell

                                  Chief of Pit & Grid
                                  Jim Kosco

                                  Driver Licensing Area 3
                                  Pete Magnuson
                                  P: 561.309.3916

                                  Chief of Trophies & Pace Car
                                  Rennie Bryant
                                  C: 954.675.8063
                                  O: 954.783.7003
                                  Email Rennie Bryant