Bob’s Tales

Very nice article in the Sun Sentinel on June 1 2015 about Danny Matienzo, who plays baseball for the University of Miami. He is the designated hitter and has helped the team get to the playoffs. His father is Eugeno Matienzo who raced in the Sports Car Club Association and tried to get his son to race. Danny liked baseball better so Gino, as we know him, finally sold his race car and helped his son in his baseball career. Gino was a good hard racer with his Camaro in GT1.

I remember one day at the Palm Beach my son Tim was racing the Maverick. I was listening to the radio and Bill Elliot had just won at Charlotte. I was informing a Ford Maverick, also No. 9. he seemed doubtful as he was gridded fifth behind some very good cars, including Gino. NEVER FEAR, I SAY! The race starts, Del Taylor is leader, he ignored a yellow flag, which in turn cost him a black flag. Tim is fourth, Clauncey Wallace Jr. must have done the same thing, resulting a black flag of a stop and go. He comes into the pits his crew knows nothing, goes to the steward and back out. This put Tim into second place, Gino got so excited at leading the race, he spun out at turn nine.



Bob Lee